Welcome to Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales, Florida

The Hinshaw family has been making guests welcome for over 80 years, whether you come by car or plane, for a single meal or several, for one day or more. This enchanting country inn of 26 rooms, nestled on a 100-acre estate, is a gracious oasis amidst the excitement of Central Florida attractions, catering to discriminating guests of all ages.

Welcome to the World of Chalet Suzanne

Each Chalet guest room greets you with cordial warmth, delightfully different, with the comforts of private entrance, private bath, air conditioning, telephone and television. The sparkling pool, lake and airstrip are only a few steps from your courtyard or patio.

The essence of the Chalet's reputation is its cuisine, food that Gourmet Magazine calls "glorious" ... served in a unique setting of five quaint rooms on many levels, overlooking the lake. Every corner glows with antiques, stained glass and old lamps from far away places.

Before you leave, seek out these whimsical spots ... The Swiss Room, Wine Dungeon, Gift Boutique, Autograph Garden, Ceramic Studio, Airstrip and last but not least, the Soup Cannery, where those delicious soups, which have even been to the Moon, are processed for gift giving all over the globe.

Chalet Suzanne is a subtle balm ... a lovely memory that stays hidden in your heart.

Though a visit to Chalet Suzanne has often been considered a "Bucket List" item, Skydiving has to be one of the most popular. Check out our good friends at Start Skydiving. From an exciting Tandem Skydiving Ride to a personally tailored Advanced Free Fall course or even accelerated training for a USPA "A License" and group events, stay at the Chalet Suzanne and Fly at Start Skydiving! You'll love the highly experienced Instructors and Jump Masters they have on staff. Call 855-465-8672 for more information. It may be your only chance to check off two bucket list items in one place!

"Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales is my choice for Florida Inn of the Century" - Sun Sentinel
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26 Guest Rooms - Each delightfully different in design and decor, with private bath, telephone, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless internet and other personal touches. An overnight stay includes a complimentary breakfast.

Award Winning Restaurant - From soups and salads to fantastic steaks, critics have raved about our cuisine for decades. The atmosphere? It’s unrivaled eclecticism at its best, with lake side dining, a professional but friendly staff and a new, more affordable menu.

Cocktail Lounge - With an intimate atmosphere all its own, The “Little Swedish Bar” is a favorite fantasy of many guests, with an aged ambiance akin to our favorite pubs and clubs around the world it offers a lighter fare menu to accompany your favorite beverage.

Wine Dungeon - Each evening our guests are invited to step down into the sunken hideaway beneath the Chardonnay Room for a light bite of cheese, fruit and a glass of wine before dinner… with our compliments!

Wine and Gift Boutique -Take home a great bottle of wine or sherry, mementos of your visit to our wonderful little village, or other interesting finds from around the globe.

Courtyard Spa and Massage - For prescribed therapy or just days of decadent self indulgence, our licensed professionals will have you moaning with pleasure as you treat yourself or someone special to a wide array of rejuvenating options.

Soup Canning Plant - From International Fairs to Commercial Airlines- Governors' Mansions to the finest Gourmet Restaurants- Cuban Missile Crisis to Glasnost; from Miami to the Moon! Come tour the historic home of the soups that have seen it all and are, quite literally, “Out of this world!”

Public Airstrip - For flyers or friends of them, Chalet Suzanne’s Flying Field makes it easy to visit our historic village. Only a short flight from anywhere in the Southeastern USA. Make sure to include us on your next flight plan. For business or pleasure, it’s the best layover around!
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